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About DDG Network Group & The Founder

"For years, small and medium businesses have been trying to break through the property and construction industry to access top-tier and exclusively lucrative projects. Property and construction professionals and business owners from ethnic minority and low socio-economic backgrounds and women of all diversities have been striving to land top executive and management roles within the sector. Many getting overlooked by some of the larger companies and corporations and more popular, well-known names within the industry. This has inevitably caused a severe lack of diversity, inclusion, equity and an absence of the true reflection of our diverse communities and experience pool of talent within the sector, not only amongst property projects but also within the job roles in property and construction companies. 

Whilst working in the Corporate Real Estate and Property Legal world, in April 2021, I finally decided to create a platform to help to solve the problem. The platform which started out like an action-taking support group quickly became a fast growing and strong collaborative networking community. An organisation, that aims to bridge those gaps, help and support quality, qualified and experienced professionals and business owners within the real estate and construction industry so that they can get a chance to be seen and have access to opportunities that they may never get exposure to. As well as to provide education for the younger generation, to help create a more diverse future in real estate and construction through our DDG Academy.

Starting just with my own property and construction professional network and holding monthly online meetings to discuss our projects to see how we can collaborate and share projects together, we grew from just 10 participants on our very first Zoom call to 130+ professional Members within the industry across x2 Continents within the space of our 1st year! I did not anticipate the magnitude and impact of what I had started, but the vision nevertheless has always been clear.

DDG Network Group was founded with a mission to help experienced and qualified real estate and construction consultants, professionals and business owners with the opportunity to be a part of whatever project suits their expertise, skills and experience, no matter their race, gender, religion, age or socio-economic background. DDG Network Group was founded to educate, collaborate and change the real estate and construction industry for the better.

For us, this is only the beginning and we look forward to you being a part of our journey to becoming the No.1 networking organisation for collaboration and inclusive projects in real estate and construction."


- Slaheoldine Thomas (DDG Network Group Founder) -

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