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Introduction to: GigBridge - UK's 1st Construction Staffing Platform

Article by GigBridge Founder & CEO - Gabriel Makinwa (DDG Member)

Monday 7th February 2022

We've spent the last few months speaking to project managers, quantity surveyors, site workers and recruiters to get a deep understanding of the construction site staffing process.

We've learnt so much and see so many opportunities to make it better. For construction companies these are the pain points that stand out:

  • The cost of low productivity, non-attendance and under-skilled workers is high. The urgency and speed required to fill vacant roles means staffing agencies often send inexperienced, unreliable and incompetent labour.

  • Construction companies need a flexible and responsive workforce. Project demands change as the projects progress; sometimes needing more workers at short notice.

  • Relationships with staffing agencies are transactional. It's fair to say most construction companies have come to expect poor service from staffing agencies and poor work from agency workers.

We've taken all of this feedback and built GigBridge: the UK's first construction staffing platform. We aim to solve the problems above by reinventing the way staffing in construction works. We want to align our workers, our clients and our team to work together on delivering the best results. This requires a new way of thinking in which all of us are invested in the project's success.

How it works

  • Book: Teams can book a worker via our mobile app, web app or calling our booking line. We capture the important details and learn from similar bookings.

  • Match: We utilise the placement details to shortlist the best matches and we select the best available worker based on a number of datapoints.

  • Review: After each project company managers can confirm hours worked and then review the workers performance.

Construction companies now have an extended workforce of thousands of vetted construction workers.

We are building the largest database of construction workers in the UK. Collating all the important data points on each worker to intelligently match them with the right projects.

Why now?

For constriction companies; finding the right workers is hard. This has been accelerated by the pandemic, Brexit and the reduction in new recruits to the construction industry. As the majority of the existing workforce nears retirement it is vital that we explore new and innovative ways to engage the existing workforce and increase access for new recruits.

The industry is now competing with jobs that were almost non-existent 20 years ago. With the boom in IT industry, young jobseekers now have a broader range of options including gig economy work on platforms like Deliveroo, Uber & TaskRabbit.

GigBridge creates opportunities for new entrants from all age groups and backgrounds to easily access jobs in construction. We launch primarily as a platform to find and hire skilled workers but have plans to:

  • Help construction workers develop in the areas and sectors that they enjoy most. Forming career paths that will lead to life-long satisfaction in the work that they do.

  • Explore in-app and tech-supported learning; nothing beats learning on the job but the pandemic has taught us that there are ways we can facilitate online learning.

  • Create a community that workers can share their learnings, achievements and progress. We want to restore pride in one of the economy's most important professions.

Why you should work with us?

We digitise and streamline your entire staffing process creating a clear audit trail on labour costs, worker compliance and performance. Most importantly construction companies can save as much as 10% a year on total staffing costs by switching to GigBridge. Our technology means our cost to fill each role is significantly lower than most staffing agencies and we can pass on these savings to our clients and workers.

Unlike traditional staffing agencies we charge a fixed fee per shift instead of a % mark up. This means you don't pay more when we fill higher paid roles or when a worker has to do some over time. Our fee per shift also gets lower for longer placements. We reward our clients for giving our workers more consistent and meaningful work.

We reinvest some of our profits into our workforce; with bonuses and training credits to use once they've hit certain milestones on your project. This means our workers are more productive and more loyal when they work with us. Lowering the likeliness of disruption to your projects by low productivity or absence.

As your long term partner we are incentivised to go above and beyond in making the right connections. At the beginning of our relationship; we take the time to understand your business and create "talent pools" ahead of your planned projects to increase the chances of a successful match. We mean it when we say "we're in this together".

If you'd like to find out more; give us a call today on 07983 517581 or email us at

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07 de fev. de 2022

That is amazing and a great idea. Best wishes for the future and success it will be. If I can be of help in promoting and recommending your services, then please let me know.

Have a great day.


Respondendo a

Hi Sol!

It is a great idea indeed. Definitely get in touch with @Gabriel Makinwa who is a DDG Member to find out how you can support his business :)


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